House of Dragon has not yet unveiled the fate of Daemon Targaryen. However, the book "Fire & Blood" provides some insight into his possible demise.
 23 October 2022  1609 views
Arya was fortunate enough to train with Jaqen H'ghar, a master of the enigmatic and skilled assassin order. Under his guidance, she became a formidable assassin and infiltrator, able to change her fac
 02 February 2020  4361 views
Game of Thrones has never shied away from killing its main characters. But the death of Daenerys was still a massive shock to the fanbase. What compounds the emotional devastation is her death by the
 02 February 2020  3437 views
Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones were shocked and heartbroken when Jon Snow was stabbed to death by his sworn Brothers of the Night Watch, and most tragically, by his protégé, Ollie, mirroring
 04 February 2020  3527 views
Game of Thrones is an immensely popular dark and gritty fantasy series aired on HBO is based on George R. R. Martin’s, also immensely popular, fantasy book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. It is
 01 February 2020  3338 views
Near the end of Season 5, Arya is well underway in her training as a Faceless Man in the House of Black and White. Like most teenagers, Arya becomes impatient and overconfident in her new skills and o
 24 January 2020  5109 views
Arya Stark, like Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, is one of them central characters of the show. We witness her journey from an innocent child to grief-stricken orphan hellbent on revenge. So how did her cha
 12 January 2020  3502 views
Lord Baelish, a.k.a Littlefinger, is a shrewd and extremely tenacious character who thrives in the cutthroat politics of Game of Thrones. He has plans on top of plans to ensure that he always comes ou
 01 January 2020  3173 views
Jon Snow and Daenerys are both central characters in the Game of Thrones show, from the first episode to the last. The journey each of them took to eventually first meet each other was truly epic and
 26 December 2019  3190 views
The Flash's speed is much faster than the speed of light (186,282 miles per second). For example, he saved 532,000 people during a nuclear explosion in Korea by carrying them away from the blast in 0.
 26 December 2019  4617 views
One of the widespread debate among the DC Comics fans is the debate of the fastest Flash. Though it is difficult to answer the question directly, Wally West is considered the fastest Flash among all
 21 December 2019  4776 views
The Flash vs Superman debate is one of the most talked topics among the fans. Because both of them have certain qualities and powers. The Flash and superman first raced in 1967's Superman #199. The
 12 December 2019  6356 views
There are four flash characters in the DC comics. Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West, and Bart Allen. So they have different ways and sources of getting powers. At first, Jay Garrick, he was fro
 12 December 2019  7327 views
Iris West always had the feeling that Barry's The Flash, but she was not sure about it. She became sure after an incident. In season 1, Eddie Thawne was ready to propose Iris, but suddenly the reverse
 07 November 2019  12378 views
The Black Flash is a representation of death for the speedsters. Those who are blessed with this speed power or connected with the speed force, the back Flash comes to him before his death. Max Mercur
 19 October 2019  5400 views

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