When does Iris find out Barry is the Flash?

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Iris West always had the feeling that Barry's The Flash, but she was not sure about it. She became sure after an incident. In season 1, Eddie Thawne was ready to propose Iris, but suddenly the reverse flash Eobard Thawne came and kidnapped Eddie. Then Iris wanted help to Barry Allen. Barry promised her to bring Eddie back. He told this by holding her hand, and at that time, it creates an electric pulse when he leaves. Iris got the same phenomenon when she touched Barry at his coma time. Then Iris understood that Barry is the flash. She also later find out that Wally West is the kid flash who has a relationship with Barry.
In 1990, Iris West appeared in CBS Television series. Candice Patton played the part of Iris. In 2014, Candice Patton again played the role of Iris in The Flash tv series. Later in the movie Justice League, Kiersey Clemon was in the role of Iris West.
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