Who is the Black Flash?

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The Black Flash is a representation of death for the speedsters. Those who are blessed with this speed power or connected with the speed force, the back Flash comes to him before his death. Max Mercury first discovered the Black Flash.
Black Flash is not death itself, but it acts as an agent of death to the speedsters. It works when the life of a speedster is going to end. It doesn’t represent the physical incarnation. And also it isn’t always the cause of death. The Flash doesn't dress like a villain. He appeared before the end of the great Flash Barry Allen. Then he came to Wally West, but Wally was able to beat him. In the final crisis, it was revealed that the black Flash is possible an aspect of the Black racer, the death of New Gods. Wally West confirmed this. The Black Flash has almost the same powers like speedsters. He draws energy from the negative speed force. His Speed, durability, stamina, agility- all are at the superhuman level. The Black Flash can vibrate its body at a certain frequency by which anything can pass through his body. He also has the ability to kill a person with just one touch. The Black Flash can do time travel, and he can travel at any dimension. Some people believe that the Black Flash exists because the traditional “Death” is not fast enough to capture speedsters. But the Black Flash indeed is one of the most powerful entities of the DC comics.
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