Who is the fastest Flash?

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One of the widespread debate among the DC Comics fans is the debate of the fastest Flash. Though it is difficult to answer the question directly, Wally West is considered the fastest Flash among all of the four flash characters. We can know this by seeing the activities of them and compare Wally with others. Wally West first came as Flash in 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' in March 1986. He was created by John Broom along with the artist Carmine Infantino. His power consists mainly of superhuman speed. He is the nephew of the previous Flash Barry Allen.
The competition in the question of the fastest Flash is always between Barry and Wally. Here are some factors where we can see their position.
1. Main External Power: Wally
Barry had a stronger connection with the speed force, but wally began to know them in detail. He began to learn about the source of power for all speedsters. The more he knew about the speed force, the more he became powerful.
2. Biggest feat: Barry
Barry Allen made the highest sacrifice at the time of Crisis on Infinite Earth. He gave his life to save the whole universe. Wally has done a lot of good works too, but he couldn’t reach at that level of Barry.
3. Durability: Wally
The fast rates of the superheroes depend on their relationship with the speed force. In this point, wally has the strongest connection, and he can run faster than Barry. From the younger age, Wally got this power gradually. So his durability is much better than Barry.
4. Equipment: Barry
As a man of science, Barry has designed a lot of equipments for Himself and others too. He makes his famous Flash ring that stores his suit when he needs it. Though both Barry and Wally depends on tech from S.T.A.R. labs, Barry has an extra advantage.
5. Strength: Wally
Wally has comparatively more leverage in this category. Because he studied about Speed force for years, and he used that knowledge to increase his power.
6. Personality: Wally
Barry tends to have a serious and awkward kind of nature. But the DC comics fans saw Wally growing up from the young age and saw his struggle. Wally also has a little bit humor, and his outgoing personality made him more acceptable to the fans.
7. Experience: Barry
Barry has always been incredibly smart. He also worked as a CSI and crime analyst during his civilian life. Barry can understand the way of his working better than Wally. In terms of brainpower and experience, Barry is always ahead.
8. Allies: Wally
Both of the flashes have incredibly powerful allies. But Wally made it better from the kid age. During his time with the Teen Titans, Wally amassed a great number of allies just as a kid flash. Wally remains close with his former teammates too. He was also the leading member of Justice League of America.
Here the winner is Wally West. Both of the flashes has good qualities, but one must be the fastest. Wally West is currently ruling this position.
If you need some other proofs, here are the most incredible accomplishments of Wally West as the Flash:
- Racing Black Flash: The most impressive stunt of him was his race against the black Flash. It was an embodiment of death. During this race, Wally ran so fast that he jumped forward in time by millions of years until nothing existed.
- Saving half a million people in. 00001 microseconds at the time of nuclear explosion in North Korea.
-Running faster than instant teleportation
By these factors we discussed above, Wally West is till now the fastest Flash to the maximum DC Comics fans.
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