Who is faster The Flash or Superman?

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The Flash vs Superman debate is one of the most talked topics among the fans. Because both of them have certain qualities and powers. The Flash and superman first raced in 1967's Superman #199. The race was a part of the United Charities fundraiser that ended in a tie.
That's why the matter remained unsolved. Then there was a rematch between them. The reverse flash and Abra Kadabra forcefully did it. But again, the match ended in a tie. Then starts part two, they back raced the issue 'Race to Save the Universe'. In this race, the flash beats superman. Technically it is a win for the flash.
In 1978's "Chase to the End of Time'', both of them again went on a race to clean up the mess of the world. They still ended up with a tie-on that day. After Barry's rebirth, they again raced, and Barry beat superman. So the final verdict comes that the flash is the fastest person alive. Until the next race, he will remain in this position.
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