Why did Jaqen H’ghar let Arya go?

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Arya had the good fortune to be trained by the most secretive and accomplished of all assassination order with Jaqen H’ghar as their master. He trained Arya to be an accomplished assassin and an infiltrator who can change faces at will. So why did he let Arya go before her training was fully finished?

Jaqen chose to accept Arya into the order because he saw something, a certain quality, or the right personality, in her that made her worthy of inheriting all the knowledge and skills he had. Jaqen is an extremely intelligent and mysterious person and has reasons for his every action, even being locked up in the cage so that he could be introduced to Arya was preplanned by him. So, releasing Arya from the order was also planned by him for a specific purpose. Since Jaqen serves the God of Death, he is naturally the direct enemy of the Night King who is a mockery of death. His reasoning was that by training and releasing Arya he would be sending her to confront this threat in his stead. Since The Starks and her home, Winterfell, is directly in the Night King’s path, she would give her all and go above and beyond any other agent from the order.
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