How Are Jon Snow And Daenerys Related?

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Jon Snow and Daenerys are both central characters in the Game of Thrones show, from the first episode to the last. The journey each of them took to eventually first meet each other was truly epic and only becomes more incredible as they become inseparably linked to each other.

Let's start with Daenerys. Her older brother was Rhaegar, revealed during the later seasons, who fought against Robert Baratheon and ultimately killed by him. Contrary to everyone's assumptions, that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped Lyanna Stark, Ned Stark’s sister, and Robert’s fiance, it was revealed that they secretly married resulting in the birth of Jon Snow. Lyanna Stark made sure to entrust Jon Snow to Ned Stark and tell him the truth before passing away shortly after giving birth.

This was the ultimate shocking revelation: That Daenerys is the aunt of Jon Snow. Which was even more scandalous, as is the theme of Game of Thrones, when you take into account the intimate, and now incestuous relationship they share.
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