When and how does Littlefinger die?

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Lord Baelish, a.k.a Littlefinger, is a shrewd and extremely tenacious character who thrives in the cutthroat politics of Game of Thrones. He has plans on top of plans to ensure that he always comes out on top. However, his greed eventually catches up with him and, like many other prominent characters, meets his end in a spectacular fashion near the season seven finale of Game of Thrones.

So how does he die? By Arya's blade, the executioner, in enforcing the verdict of Sansa, who was the judge, in a sudden trial where all of Littlefinger’s schemes were exposed, and the victims were finally avenged. Did Littlefinger deserve to be executed? Absolutely!

His crimes are especially personal to the Stark sisters. He was instrumental in the killing of their aunt Lysa Arryn, he conspired to kill their uncle Jon Arryn, and held a knife to Ned Stark’s throat, and even tried assassinating their brother Bran. His trial, after all, was just a formality for the sister’s long-awaited revenge.
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