How did Jon Snow come back to life?

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Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones were shocked and heartbroken when Jon Snow was stabbed to death by his sworn Brothers of the Night Watch, and most tragically, by his protégé, Ollie, mirroring the mythical assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus. However, fans rejoiced when he was reanimated back to life the very next season. So how was the incredible feat accomplished?

Melisandre, the agent of the Lord of Light, a God she worships, previously stated the Lord of Light had plans for Jon Snow. Jon dying messes up those plans, and as viewers have witnessed, Melisandre is not one to give up. She then proceeds to give Jon Snow a haircut, washes his body, mutters some Valyrian and all of a sudden Jon Snow is revived! Why did the Lord of Light bring him back from the abyss? There have been many fan theories, the most popular being that the Lord of Light needed a champion, that is Jon Snow, to stand against the Night King.
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